Metapsychiatry and its Founder, Thomas Hora (1914-1995)

Metapsychiatry is not a philosophy, a new religion, or some kind of cult. Rather, it is an inspired and enlightening body of knowledge that clarifies our lives and focuses our attention on spiritual values and inspired ideas. It was developed by New York City psychiatrist, Thomas Hora, M.D. over his 50 year practice.

Having observed that traditional methods of healing were only temporarily helpful, Dr. Hora was led to look beyond his professional training for answers to human problems in the wisdom teachings of East and West. He came to the realization that “all problems are psychological, and all solutions are spiritual.”

Seeing his patients and students from a spiritual perspective and utilizing the Socratic form of dialogue*, he noticed healings taking place. He knew he was not the source, but a channel through whom these healing ideas were being received and communicated. He often said, “There is no Dr. Hora here”, to remind his students not to take credit for inspired ideas.

Some of these ideas are the following:

  • Gratitude is the door to joy; seriousness is a killjoy.
  • Our thoughts, values and beliefs determine the quality of our life experiences.
  • Suffering comes from wanting and not wanting.
  • God is a principle of infinite Love-Intelligence, available to us at all times, whether we know it or not.
  • Love is paying attention in order to understand.
  • The presence of PAGL (Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, Love) is a criterion by which we can know, in advance, whether or not we are heading in the right direction when making choices and decisions.

Dr. Hora’s legacy includes 5 books, a dozen booklets, hundreds of class and Conference tapes, and a new series of books, “Encounters with Wisdom”, the first of which was published in 2006. These books were compiled from transcripts of Dr. Hora’s spontaneous responses to his students’ questions. The ideas Dr. Hora received are truly brilliant. Many individuals around the world have been healed with the help of these ideas. For more information about Metapsychiatry or Dr. Hora, see

* The Socratic form of dialogue is a process of asking questions and listening with an open mind for inspired responses to the issues presented.