Who am I?
What is the Purpose of My Life?

We must all face these two questions at some point in our lives. Many of us turn to our loved ones, religions, or work to find the answers. Yet, often times we are left dissatisfied. If you haven’t yet found the answers, this web site is for you.

Ruth Robins, a spiritual counselor and teacher of Metapsychiatry, explores these challenging questions on The Listening Place , a 9-part television series. By explaining the unique principles of Metapsychiatry, she offers answers that expand our spiritual understanding, heal our human suffering, and fill our lives with gratitude and joy.

The following is a list of topics she discusses with Dr. Nancy Rosanoff, the host of The Listening Place. Each part is a 30 minute program.

  • Part 1: The PAGL Principle (Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, Love)
  • Part 2: We are Spiritual Beings
  • Part 3: Two Intelligent Questions
  • Part 4: The Role of Thought
  • Part 5: The Role of Thought, Part II
  • Part 6: Healing Relationships
  • Part 7: Spiritual Values
  • Part 8: Seven Levels of Perception
  • Part 9: Study, Prayer and Meditation
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    Reviews of Metapsychiatry and the DVD:

    “Ruth showed me how Metapsychiatry points to what is beyond the endless frustrating round of trying to fix or improve myself.” B.D., Sydney, Australia

    “Metapsychiatry saved my life by healing life-threatening symptoms.” S.V.V., Captiva, FL

    “Ruth has helped me to be more conscious of what I am doing, feeling, and thinking. She has helped me to drop fear and see things as they really are rather than how I expect them to be, think they should be, or wish them to be.” B.M., Olympia, WA

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